Friday, April 8, 2016

Welcome to Teaching Power Play!

Ok so here goes nothing. After much back and forth thinking, and very little experience, I'm going all in. "Go big or go home!" is what my dad always said so here it goes. I'm excited to take my chance to share my ideas in what already is a field full of amazing teachers!

I have been teaching for three years as of now and it has been a crazy ride. I have had the opportunity to teach both third and fifth grade during that time and loved both dearly. In three years I have come into my own as a teacher and pushed myself harder than I thought I could. That being said I have also felt burnt out at times and like maybe this isn't the job for me. Yet, I keep coming back day after day and the truth is I can't see myself doing anything but this. I love helping students, especially in those moments where they feel as if they will never get it. I love making a fool of myself to get a point across and seeing their growth over the course of the year. I am in love with this profession and every year I push myself harder and build on the lessons I have created. In the end this is worth it. In this blog, I hope to share  some of the crazy ideas and lessons I have created. Some I have borrowed from other amazing teachers and put my own spin on them (don't worry there will be plenty of shout outs). The best advice I ever got as a teacher was:

 "Beg, Borrow, and Steal every chance you get."

Feel free to borrow and steal from me!

I hope you enjoy what you read and stay tuned for more posts soon.

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  1. Many young people that graduate from high school and college lack inner-communication skills. This is due to the main avenue of communication now is texting and emails. This has resulted in young people not being able to verbally communicate, not being able to communicate in interviews, the work place, and in social situations. I think your activity is a creative way to encourage young people to verbally communicate with people.


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