Friday, June 3, 2016

Classroom Banner

A classroom tradition I started in my first year is the creation of a classroom banner. This currently is a classroom affair that involves a review of the year and a parting gift from my class to me.

The first year I taught I wanted to remember my first class in a fun, creative way. I'm a sports fan so I decided to create a class banner. I wanted something that my students could help create to commemorate the year and hang from the ceiling like a championship banner.
On the left is the 3rd Grade banner and on the right is the 5th grade banner.

The first year I taught third grade so I decided to have the students create paper banners and I would use their images and ideas to create the final class banner. On the back everyone signed their name. It was a super simple and cute item that I proudly displayed on my wall the following year.

The next year I taught 5th grade, once again I had them design rough drafts but they debated the items placed on the banner. They had to be things that they wouldn't forget such as memories, activities, and lessons. I wanted them to decide what the final banner looked like and be proud of it. Sadly, I forgot to get them to sign the back....sad face. I drew The final design and once again hung it up next to the first year banner. It's a simple and nice tradition that goes great with my hockey themed room. Every year is a winning year, but for different reasons. The best part is having the students reflect and decide what truly stuck with them this year.

The banner we created this year (not pictured) I allowed a student to design, needless to say she did a GREAT job! If you are looking for a simple end of the year activity for your whole class to do or maybe just a memento for you to keep then I would highly suggest this activity.

Linked below you can find the banners I use, but you can also use pennants.
Banners I Use

Square Banners


I'm sure no matter your room theme you can find a way to incorporate it into your classroom. I love having something small to remember my students by and I like putting them up to display. The students from my past years love seeing them and my future students get excited because they like seeing all the strange, fun, crazy memories my classes have made. So as your year comes to an end think about creating something simple for the students to leave their mark on.

What kinds of things have you and your students created this year? How will your class leave their mark? Comment below or tweet me your ideas!

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