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Hello All,
I'm Megan and I am a twenty-something teacher from the great state of Illinois. I currently teach 5th grade and have enjoyed every minute of it. I love creating a fun, exciting atmosphere in my classroom and lessons that allow me to be creative. I'm excited to be able to share all of my crazy lessons and ideas with all of you here on my blog, Teaching Power Play. This is my fifth year teaching and I have enjoyed every moment of it. When I'm not teaching I enjoy cuddling with my crazy dog Bella, binge-watching Netflix (I sooooo don't have a problem), and reading a good book. I've also enjoyed the opportunities I've had to travel. I love to soaking up everything, from food to culture, from the places I've gone. I'm excited to see where the next adventure takes me and what I might learn next. In case you didn't know by the title I am a HUGE Hockey Fan! I spend a lot of time watching the  Chicago Blackhawks and taking my love of the sport and using it in my teaching.
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