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Our classroom is our home away from home right?  I know that within my first year teaching I practically lived in my classroom. We spend so much time there  that the room itself can seem draining. Everyone has had that moment where they have walked in before students have even entered the room and you were ready to turn the other way and run. 
Well I learned a fact that I hold onto to this day. Our classrooms are for us more so than the the students. I know, I know...Megan how could you say that? Yes, the students need to feel welcomed and they need to have place that is theirs. However, the teacher, needs to enjoy the space as well. When the students are gone and your there working away you need to enjoy the space your in.  Trust me it makes it less dreadful. For this reason I designed my room with something that I enjoy...HOCKEY!

To begin, outside my classroom I have lockers which fits perfect with the idea of a "Locker Room." I bought some pre-cut letters in a neon chalkboard theme to tape on the cupboards above. For each locker I cut out little hockey pucks and using neon puff paint I drew numbers on each of them. In case you want to know what the sign says before you reach the door it says, "Warning Hockey Addict Ahead." I wonder who they are talking about? The door was covered with black butcher paper and taped up. I then placed an ice rink banner I found in the NHL section at Party City on top of it. Above it I wrote "Welcome to the Team" in the neon chalkboard letters.

I decided to go with a neon chalkboard/ hockey theme. There isn't a lot of hockey classroom stuff out there and they both seem to go well together. In the picture you can see the front of my room. I have some hockey posters (some created by me) from newspaper pull outs and others that were  bought. Hanging from the ceiling I have NHL paper lanterns and neon ones that I taped hockey pictures onto. The black rectangle is my "Penalty Box" and is just a vinyl chalkboard. 

This corner is my teacher desk which is completely decorated with the Blackhawks  (The best hockey team....just saying).

This corner of my room is the library and reading zone.

On the back wall I taped up hockey pennants at the top. The black bulletin board on top of the white board was made with three black poster boards taped together with neon duck tape and taped on the wall. Underneath the white board I used Velcro to tape colorful binder pockets to the wall. These function as the students' mailboxes. 

This area is right by the door, but has one of my favorite pieces of the room. In the window I have a bunch of clipboards that hang from red twine. Above the clipboards it says "Plays of the Game" and during the school year I hang great work and pictures of the students. They spin back and forth and on the reverse side of the clipboards  are pictures and jerseys. 

Well I hope you enjoyed the tour of my classroom! It is one that fits me and I am super excited and proud to walk into it everyday. Not to mention the students' face were incredible on the first day! If you have any questions or comments feel free to write one below. 

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